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Email Marketing: Low Cost High Return

E-mail marketing is direct marketing—you appeal directly to specific consumers. Email marketing focuses on driving targeted purchasers to you with a distinct and measurable "call-to-action". There are many benefits to Email Marketing:

  • Allow you to target precisely likely customers
  • Less expensive than radio, TV, direct mail, or printed media
  • Accurately track Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Short delivery time
  • "Push" the message versus wait for visitors
  • Track recipient actions (opens, reads, clicks, forwards)
  • Repeat customers are cheaper than recruiting new ones
  • Reach, potentially, a wider audience than other advertisement channels

Watch Your Business Grow

Email marketing is a profitable way to promote your business, boost sales, and stay connected with your customers. Remember, it is cheaper to keep them. With SQV Email Marketing you have the option of doing it yourself or letting us do it for you. You or we can create dazzling newsletters, eye-catching direct email campaigns, revealing surveys, and permission-based email marketing lists.

And once you have hit a "home run", don't be a one hit wonder. Archive your newsletters, emails, and articles. Get more mileage out of your customer communications by saving your "hall-of-famers" so others can be motivated all over again. Email marketing can be a very affordable way to define your business and carve out your market space.

By the way, do you have an email marketing plan? Would you guess that you are not being all that you can be?

Let's get started:

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